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SMALL BEGINNINGS - In 1952, an English engineer named Jack Odell was faced with a problem when his young daughter told him that kids were only allowed to bring a toy to school if it was small enough to fit inside of a—you guessed it—match box. Tapping into his experience making die-cast car parts (and not wanting to disappoint his daughter), Jack scaled down the realistic details of a life-size steamroller into a toy that fit into the palm of his daughter’s hand—and, of course, a match box. The rest is history.

Matchbox soon became one of the most popular die-cast car brands on the planet, and we continue to uphold the highest standards for making realistic vehicles that give kids the freedom to explore the world and discover their independence.

In May 1992, it sold the brand to Tyco Toys, the toy division of which was bought out in turn by Mattel in 1997, uniting Matchbox with its long time rival Hot Wheels under the same corporate banner.